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Policies and Information

PGY Company Requirements:

Students are expected to arrive on time to each and every rehearsal. PGY is not a dance class. New material is learned every week. The older the class age the faster we move through the material and the more they miss if they are absent. We understand some conflicts cannot be avoided. Please let us know as soon as you can of any conflicts so that we can plan accordingly. We have only 16 weeks to put a full production together. It only works if it is a team effort.

All students are expected to conduct themselves in a professional respectful manner at all times. All of the good sense in conduct appropriate to the standards of PGY (no drugs, alcohol, addictive substances, immoral, physically inappropriate behavior) will be expected from all participants at all times. We expect our students to treat each other with kindness, tolerance, and maintain a positive attitude towards the show, the group, its directors, and PGY at all times. We expect all students to always do their best Any behavior not in line with the PGY code of conduct will be grounds for dismissal from the program.

Financial Policy:

  • Tuition Payments are due on the first of each month.
  • Late Fees of $15 for each payment not received by the 10th of the month will be assessed and billed accordingly.
  • A Costume fee of $50 will be assessed for EACH costume item not returned following the PGY Semester performance..
  • PGY requires a 60 day cancelation notice once enrolled.This request must be in writing.
  • Parents are required to Volunteer for 10 hours, usually during show week. Parents can opt out of this by paying $150 per semester “Opt-out” fee. Please see our PARENT VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENTS
  • All Fees must be paid to date prior to performance or your child cannot perform in the show PGY waves normal registration fee, but requires theater and costume fee with first monthly payment for Jr./Sr. And Broadway Bound Companies.

Tickets Policy:

  • As part of your tuition, you will be given a $64 credit towards tickets. Seats range from $10 to $15. All tickets are assigned seating.
  • Tickets go on sale approximately one month before each show at a specific date and time, and sold on a “first come first serve” basis. At that time you may apply your ticket credit, and purchase additional tickets. (credits are non-transferable). Ticket sales are conducted at Marble Valley Academy.
  • Seating policies are strictly enforced. No one will be admitted into the theater without a ticket. (This includes PGY performers from the other shows.) Lap children under the age of three are free but must be kept on your lap.
  • Tickets will also be sold at the door on show nights

Other Obligations to Consider:

  • All parents are required to commit for one volunteer service per season. (* See parent volunteer)
  • Students are required to provide some basic costume pieces. Minimally – GIRLS: Ballet shoes, white or tan tights, beige-changing leotard. BOYS: black jazz shoes, black socks, changing shorts, white and/or black pants, white dress shirt.
  • The week before shows there are extra rehearsals not on scheduled class day that are mandatory. (Sat/Mon/Wed for junior show & Sat/Tues/ Thurs for senior show)
  • Students are required to attend a costume fitting with a parent. Though most costume sewing is included in the costume fee, some minor fixes such as Velcro, hems and sizing may be the parent’s responsibility.
  • All costumes are the property of PGY. Costume rental fees cover the cost of cleaning, maintaining old costumes and creating new costumes.

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