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Morningstar high school


Morningstar is part of a non-profit foundation called Performing Groups for Youth (PGY) Morningstar is the high school group and has performed around the world over the last 45 years in locations such as Russia, China, Malaysia, Europe, Asia, South America, Israel, Australia and many more. The 75 minute review of broadway and modern music will entertain people of all ages and cultures. When we travel, we look for venues that allow our students to get up close and personal with the cultures and people of these countries. It is life changing. We also find ways to perform a service project on the tour for our students. Here are some of the highlights from some of our most recent tours to Vietnam, Thailand and Costa Rica.


Parent Feedback

I had an amazing experience participating in Broadway Bound! I developed an untapped talent in singing and loved dancing to all kinds of music. Most importantly I met great people who are now lifelong friends.
Cameron Collie
Andrew had the best time doing Broadway Bound. Although performing wasn't on his radar -- he is a guy who likes sports -- falling into performing with this group was one of the best things he has done. It improved his baseball footwork, it improved his memory, it made him completely comfortable in front of an audience, and it will look great on a college application. It was an experience that he will remember for a lifetime and that he will continue to benefit from for a lifetime in terms of succeeding in unfamiliar and demanding situations and in terms of the confidence built through performing.
Debbie Romero