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broadway bound

12-14 Year Old Students
Broadway Bound Auditions September 25th


Our goal is to provide a wholesome positive atmosphere where students can develop their talents while increasing their self-esteem, learning to work hard as a team, and having fun with good friends.

Broadway Bound welcomes students who are enthusiastic, willing to work hard and love or wanting to love to sing and dance. The growth of these kids in the 8 months is amazing. Broadway Bound is a one-of-a-kind experience that your child will love and never forget.

Broadway Bound runs eight months. (Oct-May) During that time the group meets weekly and learns a 30 minute Broadway type show. We rehearse that show and take it to Disneyland in Anaheim where we are typically able to perform 2-3 times inside the park. This tour usually occurs in March. After the tour to Disneyland, Broadway Bound is given the opportunity to perform their show in local venues such as retirement homes, Six Flags and Kids Expo in Placerville. Lastly, in May, we take part of the show and are part of the larger PGY show, thus enabling the performers to have a “real stage” experience.



Each semester consists of 4 months of tuition. Please note, once contracted, a 45-day drop policy fee is required for discontinuance Auditions will be on October 3rd Tour dates are March 1st through 5th must be done in writing. 


$ 130.00 Month



Parent Feedback

I had an amazing experience participating in Broadway Bound! I developed an untapped talent in singing and loved dancing to all kinds of music. Most importantly I met great people who are now lifelong friends.
Cameron Collie
Andrew had the best time doing Broadway Bound. Although performing wasn't on his radar -- he is a guy who likes sports -- falling into performing with this group was one of the best things he has done. It improved his baseball footwork, it improved his memory, it made him completely comfortable in front of an audience, and it will look great on a college application. It was an experience that he will remember for a lifetime and that he will continue to benefit from for a lifetime in terms of succeeding in unfamiliar and demanding situations and in terms of the confidence built through performing.
Debbie Romero

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